Capsule S1

These new blind capsules are creating a stink all over Kerplopolis faster than a fart disappears in the wind. Series 1 is home to 36 hilarious characters including Pooji, T.P. Lil’ Squirt, Skid Mark, Dumpling and the Toot Fairy. Each Capsule is a Toilet Paper Roll and you "unroll" to find one hidden Poopeez character, then "unroll" again to find your 2nd hidden Poopeez character along with a collector guide. Collect all 36! (Each capsule contains two hidden characters)

• Includes:
o 2 Poopeez


Toilet Launcher Playset

If it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown, LAUNCH it! Plop your Poopeez in the toilet, flush them, and wait for them to launch! The Toilet Launcher Set comes with 2 exclusive characters. Just flush and launch, no TP required.

• Includes
o Toilet Launcher


Multi Pack S1

There’s nothing better than an unused porta potty! These tiny turds are making a big splash as the Porta Potty Multi Pack comes with 6 characters, including 2 exclusive characters not available anywhere else.

• Includes:
o 6 Poopeez
o Porta Potty Collector Case